Comprehensive care that sees the whole person

Many aspects of our lives are personalized, created to reflect the essence of who we are and who we want to be. But when it comes to healthcare, many practitioners still apply a one-size-fits-most, clinical approach—failing to compassionately assess the core elements that comprise each person’s unique circumstances and experiences. We put so much value into customizing the day-to-day aspects of our lives, so why don’t we apply that degree of care to our healthcare?

Dr. Leah Cordovez experienced this disconnect first hand. That’s why she created Be Well Integrative Health, a practice specializing in interconnected, health-centered relationships founded on the basis of respect, authenticity, and trust. We get to the heart of the matter by understanding what matters most to you. Drawing on her triple board certifications, Dr. Cordovez, and the entire care team at Be Well, deliver thoughtful healthcare tailored to your individual lifestyle, predispositions and future goals.

Our treatment is based on a foundation of solid medical science. Together, we explore safe and effective, evidence-based and evidence-informed therapeutic alternatives such as to make positive changes that lead to a fuller life.

Using a carefully measured combination of both scientific and natural therapies, Be Well Integrative Health offers a variety of different wellness pathways. Our membership programs provide same-day appointments and enhanced communication channels, highlighting yet another way we offer each of our clients the availability to customize their level of care.

In a world that needs more truth, caring, giving, and kindness, Be Well Integrative Health seeks to foster wellness through our relationships and our community. That’s why we donate a portion of each membership to our Be Well Foundation. Supplemented by donations, our foundation allocates funds to those who otherwise cannot afford healthcare, including the support of the Music Health Alliance.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about available care options.

Meet the Be Well TEAM!

Dr. Leah Cordovez

Dr. Leah Cordovez is a triple board-certified physician in integrative and internal medicine as well as obesity medicine. She is recognized as a prestigious Fellow of the American College of Physicians. 

She is a native of Panama and graduated from the University of Panama Medical School in 2000. She completed her residency through the University of Tennessee at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital, and during her time there, she served as Chief Resident of Internal Medicine.

After completing her residency, Dr. Cordovez joined Saint Thomas Medical Partners and then served as the concierge medical director for MPOWER and Elite Orthopedics. 

She has continued her pursuit of medical education, completing a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2017. She obtained a Board certification in Obesity Medicine in 2020.

She holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Management from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Business and serves as an associate professor of medicine at the University of Tennessee. 

Leyda - LPN and Clinical Operations Lead

Meet Leyda!  With eight years of nursing experience, Leyda is not just a dedicated healthcare professional but also a loving mother, devoted wife, and proud grandmother. Her passion for the outdoors is evident in her love for tennis, fishing, and hunting – activities that bring her joy and a sense of adventure. Leyda's love for the outdoors extends to her three Labs, with whom she shares an undeniable obsession. Known for her kind and compassionate nature, Leyda extends her nurturing qualities beyond the office walls, providing unwavering support to her family and friends. Loyalty is at the core of her relationships, making her a pillar of strength for those fortunate enough to have her in their lives. In the world of healthcare and family, Leyda stands out as a beacon of warmth, understanding, and care.

Melissa - MA and Member Relations Lead

Meet Melissa, a seasoned healthcare professional with an impressive 25-year career, predominantly as a skilled phlebotomist. Celebrating nearly a decade of marital bliss, Melissa finds immense joy in her role as an honorary grandparent to two wonderful kids who bring unparalleled happiness to her life. Alongside her human companions, Melissa shares her home with Gemma, a beautiful and loyal duo of a lab and golden retriever. Beyond her healthcare commitments, Melissa's heart beats for adventure as she explores new destinations, attends concerts, and cherishes precious moments with her beloved family. Her journey is a symphony of compassion, familial love, and a zest for life.

Millie - Billing and Front Office Operations Lead

Meet Millie, the heart and soul of our office. As a dedicated mother, loving wife, and proud grandmother, Millie brings warmth and family values into our workplace. Serving as the glue and gatekeeper of our office, she is the linchpin that keeps everything running smoothly.

Despite her pivotal role, Millie possesses a sweet and shy demeanor that endears her to everyone she encounters. Her quiet strength and unwavering commitment make her an essential part of our team. Millie's nurturing qualities extend beyond her family to embrace our office community, creating a supportive and harmonious work environment.

Gabi - Administrative and Patient Care Support

Meet Gabi, an invaluable member of our office team! As our dedicated administrative and patient care support, Gabi not only excels in her professional duties but also brings an unparalleled level of kindness to our team. A passionate cook and baker, Gabi's culinary talents add a delightful touch to our workplace. Beyond her professional role, Gabi's the best friend and listener anyone could wish for, always ready to lend a supportive ear.

Gabi's commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the office. With a heart for service, she volunteers her time to help those in need, having participated in medical missions and contributed to local food pantries. Dependable and compassionate, Gabi is a shining example of generosity and care.

Currently pursuing a major in neuro science at Virginia Tech, Gabi's academic prowess complements her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. We are grateful to have Gabi on our team, embodying the values of kindness, dedication, and community service.

Feel free to reach out. We'll be prompt in getting back to you.