Whole Person Health Care

Be Well Integrative Health Partners takes the best of health care models to a new level by expanding beyond physical well-being to emotional, mental, and spiritual health – it’s a holistic approach at the intersection of nature and science, providing excellent state-of-the-science medical care when you need it.  

Your wellness is directed by Dr. Leah Cordovez, a triple-board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Our focus is maintenance of good health and prevention of disease. 

With a practical and comprehensive care team, we treat the whole person and offer customized individual wellness plans depending on your goals and your preferences. 

You will have a team that manages your health and wellness with services such as comprehensive wellness exams, priority scheduling, referrals to trusted partners, wellness check-ins, enhanced virtual visits, and house or office calls. Other services offered at Be Well Integrative Health include acupuncture, IV therapy, access to discounted supplements and vitamins, and psychiatric and counseling care. 

Your team is available to schedule appointments convenient to you.